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Our fruit is as nature intended. Packed full with essential nutrients, a delicious dose of goodness in a glass.

Our fruit juice is formulated to bring you a delicious dose of fruit in a glass.

Ceres juices are 100% blends of fruit with no preservatives, artificial colourants or artificial flavours.  Just the way they should be.


Nutritional Benefits

Ceres 100% Fruit Juice blends contains no preservatives. The aseptic production process used enable us to pack our juices without the addition of preservatives. Once opened, our juices however needs to be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days.
Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for one’s health. It occurs naturally in some foods, especially, fruit and vegetables. When we say that Ceres fruit juice is a ‘high in vitamin C’ it is because it has at least 30% of Nutrient Reference value per serving of juice.
All fruit juice contains sugar because fruit itself naturally contains intrinsic sugars. The natural sugar content of fruit is between 8% and 12%, but the actual levels vary from fruit to fruit and with the stage of ripeness of the fruit as well as the geographical location where the fruit was grown. Ceres Juices only contain the natural sugar that is present in the fruit.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends an intake of five servings of 80g of vegetables and fruit per day in adults. When you drink 150ml of our Ceres 100% juice one of your servings is taken care of!!

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