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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, at Ceres we are taking proactive steps grounded in science to protect the safety of our products, our employees, their families and support our communities around the country. As one of South Africa’s largest manufacturers of food and beverages, we are considered a provider of essential goods. We will thus maintain our production capacity & distribution network globally, during the lockdown period as prescribed by the South African Government. We will continue to work hard so that you continue to enjoy your favourite Ceres Juices during this challenging period. Please keep safe.

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Terms & Conditions


These terms apply to anybody who uses our website (www.pioneerfoods.co.za). When you use the website, you agree to these terms. It also covers content made available via other channels, such as social media accounts.

We realise that reading contracts is not anybody’s favourite pastime, however, all of it is binding. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@pioneerfoods.co.za.

Clauses which are highlighted are particularly important.

The last time these terms where changed? May 2017



When we refer to Pioneer Foods we mean Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd:

When we refer to Pioneer Foods in these terms, we mean Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd, registration number 1957/000634/07 as well as all subsidiaries and divisions of Pioneer Foods. We will refer to ourselves as ‘Pioneer Foods’, ‘us’ or ‘we’. When we refer to ourselves we include our owners, directors, employees, suppliers, internet service providers, partners, affiliates and agents.

The law of South Africa applies to us and our website:

Pioneer Foods is a South African company governed by South African law. If you want to raise any issue with us or if you have a dispute for any reason then South African law will apply.

Our details are available on our website:

You can find information about Pioneer Foods on the About us and Contact us pages of the website.

You must make sure that everything you think is part of the contract are here, because if it is not here, you cannot hold us responsible:

This is our entire contract. No warranties, representations or other terms and conditions aside from those mentioned in this here will form part of the terms.

We cannot change or waive any of these terms through conduct or by accident:

These terms cannot be changed or waived through conduct. It has to be in writing and consented to.
For instance, just because we don’t take action immediately when you breach these terms, does not mean that you have been released from any of your obligations.

If there is a problem with a term, it will be severed:

If any term turns out to be unenforceable, it will be be severed from these terms. It will not affect the enforceability of any of the other terms.



This website is subject to our copyright. You must ask our permission if you want to use any of our content for commercial purposes.

All the content on the website is subject to our copyright. You may use (‘using’ includes copying, downloading, amending, publishing, broadcasting, linking to and sending by means of the internet) any content on this website for:
your personal information purposes;
commercial purposes, but only if we have provided our prior written permission for you to do so. Please send us your request for permission to [insert address].
If you use the content of this website for private or commercial reasons, you must include this copyright notice: 2017 © Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd. – All Rights Reserved.

We own everything on the website.

Unless it is clearly indicated otherwise, all the content, trademarks and data on our website, including software, databases, text, graphics, icons, hyperlinks, private information, and designs are our property or licensed to us, and as such, are protected from infringement by domestic and international legislation and treaties.
We may revoke any licence that we grant you to use our copyright as set out in these terms, at any time and at our discretion and each licence is a non-exclusive licence.



Your use of our website must be legal.

You may only use this website for legal purposes.

You must not damage the website. If you do, you will be held responsible.

You must not deliver or attempt to deliver, whether on purpose or negligently, any damaging code, such as computer viruses, to the website or the server and computer network that support the website.
If you do will be held responsible for any and all liability, damages and losses Pioneer Foods and its partners / affiliates may suffer as a result of such damaging code (for the lawyers, you indemnify and hold us harmless).

Do not circumvent our security or commit cyber crime using our website.

You must not develop, distribute or use any device to circumvent the security measures of the website or commit cyber crimes.
If you do we will be entitled to institute criminal proceedings and you will be held responsible for any and all liability, damages and losses Pioneer Foods and its partners / affiliates may suffer as a result of such damaging code (for the lawyers, you indemnify and hold us harmless).

When you link to our website, you must link to the home page.

Hyperlinks to the website must link to the home page. No ‘deep linking’ is allowed.

You may only cache (store) the website under limited circumstances.

We only allow the caching (storing) of the website if:
the purpose of the caching is to make the onward transmission of the content from the website more efficient;
the cached content is not modified;
the cached content is updated every 12 hours; and
the cached content is removed or updated when we request you to.

You may not frame the website without consent.

You are not allowed to frame the website, without our permission. Framing means making the content on our website viewable on another website.

Do not search or copy content without consent.

Apart from search engine operators and the use of the search facility, you must not use or attempt to use technology such as web crawlers or web spiders, to search or copy content from the website without our permission.



Your privacy is important to us.

Your privacy is important to us. We will keep your personal information to ourselves and will try not to watch you too much.
Please read our Privacy notice to see how we collect and use your personal information.



The website is provided ‘as is’.

The website is provided ‘as is’. This means that we make no representations or warranties.
Specifically, we do not promise that:
this website will be constantly available or available at all;
the information on this website is true, accurate, complete or not misleading; or that
the website is safe to use.
We will not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature that you may suffer if you rely on the content of the website or any third party websites we refer to.

We do not give professional advice via our website.

The information, ideas and opinions expressed on the website is not professional advice or Pioneer Foods’ official opinion. In addition, the information is not designed to meet your specific requirements. You are encouraged to seek professional advice before you rely on the information on the website.

You can link to it, but then you must take responsibility.

If you link to our website you are responsible for any claims for loss or damage of any nature resulting from the link to our website (for the lawyers, you indemnify us and hold us harmless).

The internet can be a dangerous place.

You are responsible for your own security when you use our website or any third party website that we reference in the website. For instance, it is your responsibility to ensure that your computer hardware and software is updated and protected.
Although we will try to prevent it from happening, we are also not responsible for any loss or harm caused by malicious code (such as a virus) which may come from this website.



These terms will have to change from time to time. Please check them regularly.

From time to time, we will have to make changes to these terms. The ‘new’ terms will be in force from the date published at the top of this page.
If you continue to use our website after the terms changed, it means that you accept the changes.
You will not be notified of the changes. We encourage you to check the terms regularly.



Please tell us first, maybe we can do something about it.

If you have any complaints with regard to our website or if any of the content is inaccurate or offensive, please let us know by e-mailing info@pioneerfoods.co.

We go to arbitration.

Any dispute regarding these terms must be referred to arbitration in terms of the expedited rules of the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa and such arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in Paarl in English. In the event that you breach these terms, Pioneer Foods will be entitled to claim damages from you and to institute criminal proceedings.

We can claim damages or institute criminal proceedings.

In the event that you breach these terms, Pioneer Foods will be entitled to claim damages from you and to institute criminal proceedings.

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