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Ceres recyclable Tetra Pak® cartons support a low carbon circular economy

In our consumer economy, the traditional mindset is to consume things then throw them away when their useful life is over. In a circular economy, producers take decisions based on the whole lifecycle; what happens at the end of their life and how they can be reused and continue to deliver value.

At Tetra Pak, high-quality raw materials are used to make Ceres packaging, delivering against their mission to make food safe and available everywhere. Once the packaging has fulfilled its purpose, those raw materials shouldn’t go to waste. Instead, using relatively simple techniques, they can be recycled into something useful.

Around 75 percent of Ceres packaging material is made from long, strong paper fibres that can be recycled several times. The thin layer of polymers – or plastics – in the beverage cartons can be blended with other polymers and turned into new products, such as roofing tiles, crates, carton boxes and more.

Recycling contributes to a circular economy that keeps valuable materials in use. It also helps prevent littering, saves resources, and reduces climate impact. For more information go to: tetrapak.com/sustainability/recycling.

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