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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, at Ceres we are taking proactive steps grounded in science to protect the safety of our products, our employees, their families and support our communities around the country. As one of South Africa’s largest manufacturers of food and beverages, we are considered a provider of essential goods. We will thus maintain our production capacity & distribution network globally, during the lockdown period as prescribed by the South African Government. We will continue to work hard so that you continue to enjoy your favourite Ceres Juices during this challenging period. Please keep safe.

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The juicy taste of the tropics. Our pineapples are perfectly balanced - both sweet and tart - and the sunniest of yellow hues.  

Fun Facts
Did you know that Pineapples regenerate? You can plant pineapple leaves to grow a new plant!
Pineapples contain the bromelain enzyme which can break down proteins, so you can use them to tenderize meat.
Hawaii produces about 1/3 of all pineapples in the world.
Pineapples are a cluster of hundreds of fruitlets.
Pineapples take about 18-20 months to become ready to harvest.
Pineapples ripen faster upside down.
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