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Tart, jammy blackcurrants fresh from the tree are delicious.  Small, glossy and black growing in bunches ready to be picked in high Summer.  We love to drink them in smoothies and juices and make sweetly tart blackcurrant jam and desserts.

Fun Facts
The blackcurrant plant can reach 5 to 6 feet in height.
Blackcurrants produce bluish-pink flowers. They are arranged in clusters composed of 10 to 20 individual flowers on the 5 to 6 inches long stem called “strig”.
Blackcurrants can be seen on the bush 70 to 100 days after pollination.
Some other varieties of currants produce red, white or pink berries. They have a sweeter taste but contain fewer nutrients than blackcurrants.
Blackcurrants can be consumed fresh, dried, in the form of jams and jellies or as an ingredient of sauces, juices, and fillings for the cakes and pies.
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